The SG series vacuum pump is an ideal low-medium vacuum equipment. This series of products is designed with reference to similar single-stage rotary vane pumps in Germany. It is used to remove ordinary air, inert gas and a small amount of condensable steam. It can work continuously from the limit pressure to atmospheric pressure.

Standard pumping speed: 16-750 m3/hour

Ultimate pressure: SGl6B, <1 Bombardier

                  SG25B-SGlOOB <0.5 mbar

                  SG200-SG750 <0.08 mbar

Lightweight, space-saving structure, easy to install in industrial systems

High precision, reliable and durable, low noise

To eliminate pollution, the exhaust oil mist remover removes 99.999% of the oil mist in the exhaust gas

Combination of Roots pump and high pumping speed under low pressure, the system pumping speed can reach 7200m3/hour

Easy maintenance, extremely simple technical support for inspection and maintenance, the company has good after-sales service

Product details

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